Diabetic Foot Care

More than 2 million Canadians have diabetes. By the end of the decade this number is expected to rise to 3 million. How does foot care fit into the picture? Because of neuropathy (loss of sensory nerve fibers in the feet), people with diabetes are less likely to feel a foot injury, such as a blister or cut. Unnoticed and untreated, even small foot injuries can quickly become infected, potentially leading to serious complications that can lead to amputation. A comprehensive foot care program can reduce complications of diabetes by 45-85%! Although the program sounds complicated, it is not. Simple tasks such as checking your feet daily, drying between the toes, wearing socks, wearing the appropriate footwear, and having routine nail care and callus reduction performed by your chiropodist will reduce future complications. A simple blood test can inform your doctor if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic and can help set a guideline for blood sugar management.