A prescription custom foot orthotic is an in-shoe brace which is designed to correct abnormal foot and lower extremity function. In correcting abnormal foot and lower extremity function, the prescription foot orthotic reduces the strain on injured structures in the foot and lower extremity, allowing them to heal and become non-painful. In addition, a custom foot orthotic helps prevent future problems by reducing abnormal or pathological forces acting on the foot and lower extremity.

While orthotics can be made by several different processes, the preferred way is to cast a plaster mold of the patient’s foot and send it to a laboratory with a prescription. At the lab, technicians pour plaster into the mold, and when it hardens, it exactly reproduces the bottom of the individual’s foot. Once a reproduction of the individual’s foot is made, the technicians then use the chiropodist’s prescription to custom-make a device to met the patient’s specific needs.

Chiropodists prescribe two main types of prescription custom foot orthotics for their patiens, accommodative orthotics and functional orthotics. Both types are used to correct foot function of the patient, so that the pain in their foot or lower extremity will improve. However, accommodative and functional orthotics are generally made using different materials and may not look or feel the same. Both types of prescription foot orthotics are nearly always prescribed as a pair to allow more normal function of both feet.