Many parents are concerned when they see their children with flat feet, in-toeing gait (pigeon toed) and out-toeing gait. Orthotic therapy is often used to help correct certain ailments and deformities and help your child walk more efficiently. A complete physical examination with the chiropodist will help determine the treatment.

Heel Pain

Children between the ages of 8 and 14 are susceptible to injury of the epiphyseal (growth) plate. This is the plate which is responsible for bone growth.  When our bodies reach skeletal maturity, in our late teens, the plates seal and the bone stops growing lengthwise. Before the plates seal, and if there is repetitive stress applied to the tendon attached to the bone of an “open” plate, the pediatric patient will have symptoms of apophysitis or inflammation of the growth plate in the heel. Treatment includes orthotic therapy, footwear modifications, stretching, physical therapy, and rest. If a child is experiencing pain, physical activity should be discontinued until the examination.